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Professor MUK University Vienna
Mindbody Balance Tools Muscians


Music is a universal and all-encompassing language that everyone is able to understand. It fascinates me that through music it is possible to communicate with others  and express emotions, content, images and stories in spite of any language barriers.

Grown up in a family of musicians, I was able to make a career out of my vocation for the flute at an early age. As an artist, I had the privilege of participating in many different formations, divisions and styles, both in prestigious professional orchestras and as a soloist and chamber musician, from the classical repertoire to modern and avant-garde music. However, the interpretation and handing down of classical musical tradition are very important to me.  Another focus is my interest in physiological and psychological processes while performing. I successfully completed the academic course Certificate in Advanced Studies in Music Physiology (CAS MP). Furthermore I founded Mindbody Balance Tools (M.B.T.), offering  Bodywork and Mental Training, among others, for musicians.

By now I can also look back on 28  years of experience as a teacher and university lecturer (Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna). My wealth of experience in this profession is therefore testament to my extensive technical and personal skills in artistic as well as educational terms. My current activities include imparting elementary musical knowledge and flute-playing skills, promoting the next generation of talents and training professional, highly-educated musicians and teachers.My experiences as a concert flutist oblige me to mentally prepare my students for the extraordinary challenges facing them.


My goals at a glance:


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